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Thermaltake Chassis Overview
Thermaltake is a brand everyone is aware of, it's a starting point for many on a journey into building their first custom PC. With many an enthusiast Thermaltake is a brand that all too often is forgotten or probably more likely to be avoided. So when confronted with the prospect of reviewing 3 cases we did not know what to expect, but in true OC3D fashion we take a look at the Wing RS301, Element S and Element V cases.
Three cases in one review could not only end up confusing to follow, but be a mammoth amount of details to try and keep up with, so to keep things fresh we are going to base this review on a video that, in true Blue Peter fashion, we prepared earlier.
Video 1 - Introduction & Wing RS301
Video 2 - Element S
Video 3 - Element V & Conclusion
You can discuss the points in the videos, and the video format itself in our forums.