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Today i'll be looking at Thermaltake's latest range of 120mm LED fans. After a recent review of some AC Ryan Blackfire fans which scored 0 (yes zero) in our review, i'm hoping that these Thermaltake's will fair a bit better, and hopefully take a permenant place inside the review machine.


Quite clearly designed for retail outlets, these fans come in clear plastic packaging with a rather plain design.

Packaging Front packaging Back

You can tell just by looking at the front of the fans that they have something special going for them. A look round the back of the packaging confirms this: Alternating colour LED's and an very respectable 16db.

Thermaltake iFlash 12 120mm Fan Page: 2

* Alternating blue, red and green LED lights create dazzling atmosphere
* 120x120x28 Fan (1600RPM. 16dBA)
* Low speed fan with minimal noise level
* Easy installation


62cfm at 16dba is certainly nothing to be sniffed at!

Thermaltake iFlash 12 120mm Fan Page: 3

At first glance these fans simply look like clear case fans with a bit of a fancy grill. Looking round the edges of the fans, there are no LED's to be seen. It kind of left me wondering "where do the lights come from???".

Fan and Screws Fan Back

Its a bit of a shame that they didnt make the entire fan casing clear as the black plastic looks a bit ugly against the clear fan grill and blades. It also means that the fans LED's cannot be seen easily side on.


Ah, so thats where the LED's are - mounted on a fan blade. My first reaction to this was "wont that make the fan vibrate", but we'll find out the answer to that later.

Thermaltake iFlash 12 120mm Fan Page: 4
Looks Cont.

Now for the money shots. What do these fans look like in the dark?

Fan Dark Fan Dark

Case Dark Case Dark

You'll have to excuse the quality of some of these photo's - my digital camera appears to have problems focusing on lights travelling at 1600rpm!

As you can see, the fans do have some nice effects, switching from red to green to blue in varying ways. The fans do however lack any kind of brightness, so don't expect them to light your case up.

Thermaltake iFlash 12 120mm Fan Page: 5

For this part of the review i'm going to compare the iFlash fan against the stock case fan included with my Silverstone TJ05 case. Unfortunatly i don't have any specs for the stock fan, but this should give you a good idea of what temperature differences you will see by replacing your stock case fans.

Temperature readings were taken after 1hr of prime95 with room temperature maintained at 25oc.

Case Temperature

The high cfm rating of these fans clearly helps them beat out my Silverstone fans which i'd say push in the region of 30cfm.


Without the neccesary equipment it is very hard to put manufacturers noise claims to the test. However, these fans are certainly quiet, and the only noise to be heard is air turbulance which is reassuring, as earlier on in this review i was worried about the LED's on the fan blades causing vibration. Personally i would say that these fans are closer to 25db when running at 12v, but there are certainly no mechanical or grinding noises like on my previous review of the AC Ryan fans.

Thermaltake iFlash 12 120mm Fan Page: 6

If you are looking for a high CFM fan with just a touch of 'bling' then these are the fans for you. They won't light up your case like other LED fans, but watching them is certainly more interesting.


- High CFM
- Low Noise
- Funky light show!


- Won't light up your case.
- Black plastic casing is ugly.


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