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Leading DIY chassis maker Thermaltake today introduced the A30 LAN mini-Tower chassis as part of its ARMOR series of gaming PC cases. The new chassis incorporates all the powerful design elements that are the hallmarks of Thermaltake’s cases.

Designed in all black with the popular “bulletproof” ARMOR design concept, the A30 sports Thermaltake’s unique metal mesh elements that give it an ultra-stylish and powerful appearance. Two blue LED-fans at the front and on the top give the case a combat-ready look. Despite its small dimensions of just 266 x 291 x 456, the A30 has more than enough room for the most powerful graphics cards and processors currently available. It is both a Micro ATX and a mini ITX system rolled into one.

For the LAN party crashers, the ARMOR A30 is the perfect case – it lets them have all the power they need while giving them high mobility through its small form factor. Thermaltake has designed the A30 in such a way that gamers do not need to run around to the back of the chassis every time they need to connect something new; almost all of the connectivity options and important buttons have been placed in the two panels on the front.

For connectivity, the left front panel gives LAN enthusiasts a single USB 3.0 SuperSpeed port, one USB 2.0 port, and one eSATA connector. HD Audio has also been integrated into the left front panel for quick access. The right front panel on the other hand features the power button and a recessed reset button.

To protect their system and top-notch gaming peripherals, Thermaltake has also given gamers a unique locking mechanism on the chassis. This lets gamers lock their mouse and keyboard with the system and keep them safe from the sticky hands of competitors at LAN parties.

As with all other Thermaltake chassis, no expense has been spared to optimize ventilation and airflow. The top blue LED exhaust fan is a big 23 cm one, while the front one is a 9 cm intake fan (also blue LED). Both fans come pre-installed with specially designed combat light-effects. Gamers can also add two other 6 cm fans in the back to improve cooling efficiency of their systems.

To keep whatever system is built into the chassis quickly and fully upgradeable, Thermaltake has squeezed in a motherboard footprint that is just 9.6” x 9.6”, the smallest size available in Micro ATX / mini ITX motherboards. There is also enough space for two hidden drives of 2 x 3.5” and 2 x 2.5” each, while the four expansion slots in the rear mean gamers can expand their capacity any time they feel the need for it.

Availability is slated for mid-December, though pricing has not been discussed yet by the company.

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Thermaltake ARMOR A30 LAN ready mini-Tower  Thermaltake ARMOR A30 LAN ready mini-Tower  Thermaltake ARMOR A30 LAN ready mini-Tower