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Official Press Release

Official Press Release

Thermaltake Technology , the world’s leading brand for high-end chassis, power supply and external enclosures, is launching it’s latest addition to the Max4 Series External HDD Enclosures , Max4 with eSATA & USB 2.0 Interface. eSATA or external Serial ATA is the latest technology in data transfer which offers speeds up to a 300MB/s or 3Gb/s interface rate – up to five times faster than existing external storage enclosures such as USB 2.0 and/or 1394a.

Today’s 3.5” hard disk drives has already broken the 1TB (1,024 GB, 1 Terabyte) barrier with disk rotational speed above 10,000RPM offering tremendous amount of storage and speed. Coupled with Max4, both enterprise and home users can now effortlessly and conveniently backup important files, song, video or picture collection. With the dramatic increase in speed and capacity, thermal management also becomes a crucial aspect when designing an external enclosure. To help dissipate heat buildup inside the enclosure and to maintain optimal operational temperature for the hard disk, an 80x80x15mm low profile and ultra-quiet fan is designed in for ultimate cooling efficiency.

In addition, the brushed aluminum body with side ventilation holes allows the embedded fan to accelerate airflow and boost the rate of natural convection. Max4 eSATA with embedded active cooling external enclosure comes standard with aluminum stand for vertical placement.

Thermaltake Max 4 series

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