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If you're not fast, you're last!

The deadline has passed, and Windows 7 Beta is no longer available to download. If you started downloading it before the deadline, you have until 5pm tomorrow for it to finish. The Beta has faced unprecedented interest, and Microsoft had extended the deadline to accommodate those who were interested. Originally, Microsoft were only going to allow 2.5 million downloads, but they quickly exceeded this and the limit was lifted. For those who have already downloaded the Beta, but have not yet registered  for a Beta key, you can still do so.

Windows 7 Beta download no longer available

Unlike Vista, Windows 7 Beta has received widespread critical acclaim, and Microsoft are said to be progressing the development straight to it's release candidate stage from the Beta 1. The schedule for this has not yet been confirmed though. Although Microsoft are still going with a 2010 availabilty date for the RTM version, we can see the success of the Beta maybe changing some minds and an earlier release date being given. You can view the official Windows 7 website for further information.

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