Toshiba Introduces Two 750GB, One 1TB HDDs Page: 1

Japanese tech major Toshiba today took its storage devices line-up a step further with the release of its largest-ever 2.5in hard drives. Dubbed the MK7559GSXP and the MKxx59GSM series drives, the new HDDs come in 750GB and 1TB storage capacities respectively.

The smaller of the new drives – the 750GB MK7559GSXP is constructed on just two platters and is 9.5mm thick. It features an areal density of 541.4G bit/in2, which is amongst the best in its category. It comes with an 8MB buffer and runs at 5,400rpm to deliver an average seek time of around 12ms.

The second HDD line-up of the day – the MKxx59GSM series has been introduced with one 750GB and one 1TB drive respectively. These drives will be thicker compared to the MK7559GSXP drive and will use three platters. The added platter makes the drives 12.5in thick, which effectively puts them out of range for most current notebooks and netbooks. These drives would however, be great options for external storage solutions. Both drives run at 5,400rpm, have an 8MB buffer, and can deliver seek time of 12ms on average.

Toshiba plans to start shipping the MK7559GSXP drives in 3Q 2010, while the MKxx59GSM series drives will start rolling out in the second quarter of the year. Pricing on all drives has not been confirmed.

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