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TOXIKK - Arena FPS, PC Only  

TOXIKK - A back to basics Arena-FPS

Many people wish that modern FPS newer happened, not wishing to play a game online for hours before they unlock enough features to really enjoy it. Many people also want a more even playing field, no perks, no custom weapons, just skill.

Now to TOXIKK, a game designed as a successor to the fast paced FPS giants of the late 90s and early 2ks, carefully evolving their core concept with a fresh setting, new weapons and many ideas that were created in co-operation with Arena-FPS veterans. 

Developed by a German Indie Developer, Reakktor, it contains no levelling, no skill-trees, no perks, no cover systems, no classes, no configurable weapons, no reload and no iron sight aiming. Instead of this you get ultra fast movement, double jumps, dodge jumps, booster pick-ups, nine weapons that can be carried simultaneously, with secondary fire modes, jump pads, health-packs and lots of vertical gameplay, everything else that made these kind of games addictive.

Lets have a look at TOXIKK's Debut Trailer below.



From this trailer the game looks to be a match up of what looks to me like Halo and Unreal Tournament style gameplay.

The game will have an XP system, but it only serves to match up gamers of similar skill levels whenever possible, and to mark progression for players who want it. There will also be an offline bot mode for those who wish to hone their skills before heading online.


TOXIKK - Arena FPS, PC Only  TOXIKK - Arena FPS, PC Only  TOXIKK - Arena FPS, PC Only  TOXIKK - Arena FPS, PC Only  

TOXIKK - Arena FPS, PC Only

  The game also is visually impressive, reminiscent of classic arena shooters but also not out of place in the modern gaming world.

The game is available for preorder now on the games official website, but as always I recommend to wait to launch, which is estimated to be Q4 2014 on Steam Early Access. 

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