Triforce Logo found in Google's Holiday Logos Page: 1
Triforce Logo found in Google's Holiday Logo
Google has a well known tradition for having a special and unique way of celebrating special holidays that stand out in the world. But did you know that recently the Triforce logo, the logo that represents the highly popular "The Legend of Zelda" series, has been making multiple appearances within Google's Holiday logos.
The logo had been spotted within Google's Tesla logo on July 9th.
Here is an example courtesy of IGN:
Courtesy of IGN
This incident had occurred multiple times on previous Google logos which had led to the question of who was planting these secret images in the first place.
Blogoscope claim and/or speculate that Google's internal artist Susie Sahim is to be blamed, citing the fact that she was seen wearing a Link costume and many of her drawn logos that she had drawn had been taken down or altered on her website.
Many of the other Google doodles with the Triforce logo can be seen here.