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Core 2 Duo
Intel to launch two new Wolfdales on 20th April
Intel are set to launch two new Core 2 Duo's on the 20th April, which happens to be the same day that a whole wave of price cuts on most of their other CPU's come in to effect.
First up is the Core 2 Duo E8300 45nm based CPU clocked at 2.83GHz with a 6MB cache and runs on a 1333 MHz FSB with a multiplier of 8.5.  Its been reported that this CPU will start selling for $169.  I've had a little search for UK suppliers and found that  PCNextDay have it listed at £127.89 Inc VAT but have no stock and no mention on when they will get any.  It is also listed at Scan but is on Pre-Order with a note that says to call them for a price.
The other CPU set for release is the E7200.  This processor is clocked at
2.53GHz with a 3MB cache and runs on a 1066MHz FSB with a multiplier of 9.5. This model is reportedly going to hit the market at $137.  Again though I've had a look for UK suppliers and come up with AdvanceTech listing it at £112.67 Inc VAT and Scan listing it at £92.20 Inc VAT.

The E7200 should cost somewhere in the region of the E4700 which is clocked slightly higher at 2.60GHz but has 1MB less cache and a 65nm core.  Another difference is that the E7200, as stated above runs on a 1066MHz FSB compared to the 800MHz FSB of the E4700.  Basically the E7200 is a Wolfdale dual core with half the cache thus making the CPU much cheaper.
Either of these two new CPU's tickle your fancy?
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