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Leading server platform manufacturer TYAN today announced the launch of four new server platforms that have been designed specifically for AMD’s FireStream GPU compute accelerators. The new platforms range from 2-GPU motherboards to 8-GPU boards.

AMD’s FireStream GPUs are high performance graphics processing units that have the capability to deliver up to 2.64 TFLOPs of power. This makes them ideal for HPC, cloud, and enterprise-class applications. All four platforms announced today have been designed by TYAN keeping GPU computing in mind.

The new boards include that offer solutions that are capable of supporting one AMD FireStream compute accelerator in a 1U server through to eight compute accelerators in a 4U platform. The four platforms are the B7015 8-GPU 4U platform, the S7025 4GPU 4U, the S8225 4-GPU 4U, and the S8236 2-GPU rack. Among these, the S8225 4-GPU platform has been designed to offer full support to dual AMD Opteron 4100 series processors, while the S8236 is a 2-GPU rack with a 2U platform which has been optimized for dual AMD Opteron 6100 series processors.

The most notable feature of the platform is the 16 double-wide PCIe 2.0 slots. Each of the four motherboards meets all the special mechanical, power, and airflow needs that are unique to AMD’s FireStream processors. Among the processors supported by the new platforms are AMD FireStream 9170, 9250, 9270, 9350, and 9370 GPU compute accelerators.

Talking about the platforms and AMD’s FireStream GPUs, TYAN’s director of product marketing Kevin Hart, said “these GPGPU platforms, armed with AMD FireStream GPU compute accelerators, deliver shocking floating point performance that is exponentially faster than x86 CPUs in some applications.”

All four platforms are already available with TYAN authorized distributors, though pricing details have not been made available.

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