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Official Press Release

Uberclok Release Overclocked PCs

In a world of PC vendors dominated by the likes of Dell, HP, Gateway, etc... none have taken advantage of overclocking, until now. Überclock PCs is looking to take advantage of this highly advantageous, yet vastly underutilized practice that we've all come to know.

Überclock is looking to give the consumer the best price-to-performance ratio when purchasing a new PC.

Every Überclok Gaming PC is overclocked by default and is covered by a three-year parts and labor warranty. If a component fails in those three years, Überclok will replace it free of charge. Überclok’s Gaming PCs come in two models: the $1,500 Ion and the $2,500 Reaktor. The Ion offers smooth performance for the most demanding games on monitors up to 22 inches. While there are upgrade options available for the Ion, emphasis is on packing as much power into it as possible while remaining in that price range. The Reaktor similarly offers incredible performance on larger monitors and includes a comprehensive list of upgrade options. This gives customers the ability to scale up the Reaktor’s capabilities to whatever level they desire, while still enjoying the tremendous cost-savings that Überclok brings to the table.

Überclok PCs are designed for gamers who might not have the time to fully research the latest advancements in computer hardware. Unlike its competition, Überclok selects processor, motherboard, power and cooling options to provide the highest performance-to-price ratio possible. Customers may choose various video card, memory, sound, and optical disk upgrades. This approach takes the guesswork out of what equipment gamers need to slide down the rabbit hole and immerse themselves in another world.

It's nice to see a PC vendor getting into the overclocking business that we all love, and every consumer loves some competition. So, next time you're looking for a new a PC, don't forget to give these some consideration.

Reaktor and ION

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