Ubisoft Acquires Hybride Page: 1
Ubisoft to bring its intellectual properties to the screen?
Software developer Ubisoft has acquired Hybride Technologies, a Montreal-based studio renowned for its expertise in the creation of visual effects for cinema, television and advertising. Hybride Technologies were involved in producing special effects for 300, Frank Miller’s Sin City and the Spy Kids series.
According to the Ubisoft's press release, they plan to share technology and develop tools that will enable them to provide  gaming and visual experiences that rival those of cinema.
"The future of our industry depends on our ability to create brands that captivate audiences and to extend those brands to other forms of entertainment,"

“The acquisition of Hybride falls directly into the strategy that has already led us to open a digital creation studio in Montreal and to acquire the Tom Clancy brand for video games and ancillary products. The exceptional quality of the team at Hybride and the expertise of our Ubisoft teams will allow us to create one of the best 3D animation studios in the entertainment industry.”
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