UK Gets Windows 7 Half Price Page: 1
Cheaper in the UK, for once

UK readers finally have something to smile about. It might be a pricing error, but lets be positive, ok? Amazon are listing the full version (not the previous cheap upgrade versions) of Microsoft's Windows 7 Home Premium for pre order at £63.99. The RRP is £149.99, and in the USA, customers are expected to pay $200 or around £121, meaning that the UK is cheaper for the first time ever, or so it feels.
The operating system is rumoured not to come with an internet browser in the UK, hence the price, but this was quickly verified by an Amazon spokesman who said "The latest information available is that all editions of Windows 7 will include the Internet Explorer 8 web browser, pre-installed for immediate access to the internet." I'd guess that this browser will include the ballot page which allows users to chose which browser they would like to use, to keep the EU happy.
I'd suggest that if you haven't already pre ordered your copy of Windows 7, then you do so now, there is no idea how long this will last, but it does seem to be a very good deal! Click here to pre order now.
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