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UK Government Invests in a Faster Future
Does your broadband speed make you cringe as you wait for videos to buffer, music to stream and files to download? It's true that in the UK the speed of our Internet connections is far from ideal, falling far below the average in Europe. Well, you may no longer have to put up with the restraints for much longer as the government has plans for a faster future.
The UK government (Technology Strategy Board) are investing £1 million to develop technology that will increase broadband speeds to between 1 and 10 gigabits per second. The research being carried out looks into ways broadband can be delivered to us via fibre optic cables. A total of 13 projects are being funded, aiming to make fibre networks cheaper to build and make them available to as many people as humanly possible.
The projects will look at ways to improve the UKs broadband infastructure, setting out a roadmap and making preparations for it to handle ultra fast speeds. Other ways of making it easier to connect homes to fibre networks are taking a central focus, as current methods are far to costly to implement. Wi-fi also gets a look in, with plans to create a single chip capable of connecting to broadband networks, and converting the data to wireless for allocation in homes or small buildings within sufficient range.
It may be a number of years yet before we reap the benefits of this technology, but it's a start and one that has long been overdue. Discuss in our Forums.