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Ultimate H100 Cooling Mod  

Introduce The Madness

So Corsair came to us and asked us for some ideas on what we could do with the H100 to help improve cooling. After one to many coffee's we decided it would be an awesome idea to fit it with 40, yes that's four zero of their SP120 performance edition fans and see what the temps were like. The video below is very surprising and even we were not ready for how good the results were!

First of all a look at what 40 fans really looks like, we need to remember thats JUST fan boxes!

Ultimate H100 Cooling Mod     Ultimate H100 Cooling Mod

We worked on one side of the H100 first, it was easier to balance this way, and having it bolted to the rig helps a lot initially!

Ultimate H100 Cooling Mod     Ultimate H100 Cooling Mod

SO on to the finished article, its been noted it looks a little like the straight 6 Jaguar engines of old, have to admit I quite like the thought of that!

Ultimate H100 Cooling Mod     Ultimate H100 Cooling Mod

Lets take a look at the video where we show you how its all put together and also the very surprising testing!

So to conclude if you have a bit of free time one sunday afternoon this could be your ultimate benching tool, the results were very well worth the effort and it was far quieter than we were expecting. We would almost go as far as to say this should be something everyone has in their benching box its so effective! Can you top our H100 mod? If you can we would love to see your work in the OC3D Forums. As ever though you can discuss you thoughts on this article HERE