Ultra-efficient Type M 780 has arrived Page: 1

Hiper brings out a new addition to the Type M series of power supplies, the Type M 780.


We have extended the Type M Series with an ultra-efficient 780 Watts model. In addition to the recently launched and already award-winning HPU-4M630 and HPU-4M880 line-up, this brand new psu comes with the same patented mesh-design and the unique cable harness. An average efficiency of +85% (result by Chroma at 230V) and the recycled carton packaging again proves the environmental focus of the HIPER engineers.

At a recommended retail price of  US$139 or £70. Not a bad price if I dare say so myself. More information can be found at the product page.
Hiper have done it again. What do you think? Please tell us on our forum.