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Unreal Engine 4 goes to consoles first
It seems that Epic are already planning the new Unreal Engine for next generation consoles, (at the moment still being referred to as the 'Xbox 720' and 'PS4'). This comes as no surprise to us as we have already heard rumours of Epic's move to consoles - there has yet to be a reason why. 
Mike Capps from Epic confirmed what Tim Sweeney said in the past about the up and coming Unreal engine in an interview with TG Daily. However, this does not mean the PC will be forgotten as it is still a possiblity, but not Epic's first prioity. 

No one really knows the plan for the next-gen consoles but they are expected in the 2010 - 2011 gap. While Epic has not suggested they are moving away from game development on the PC, it is obvious they want to focus on developing an Engine which can take full advantage of the next generation consoles.
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