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Upcoming AMD Price Cuts

In what seems to be a grab at the mid-range market, AMD has given word on price cuts across the board on their CPUs, ranging from 10-20%.

ProductOld price ($)New price ($)
Phenom X4 9950 BE             186175
Phenom X4 9850 BE180165
Phenom X4 9750170154
Phenom X3 8750134124
Phenom X3 8650123104
Athlon X2 6400+10287
Athlon X2 6000+9577
Athlon X2 5600+8870
Athlon X2 5400+7866
Athlon 64 LE-16404036.50
Phenom X4 9750B224165
Phenom X3 8600B---110
Athlon X2 5400B---71

Considering that Intel's latest Core i7 platform is targeting more of the high-end market, it looks like AMD is trying to entice lower-level buyers with the idea of bang for the buck.

Will these cuts help AMD gain more ground and help set up their 45nm Phenom II launch?

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