Update on Foxconn pulling out of end user market Page: 1
The plot thickens
Foxconn to quit motherboard market?A couple of weeks ago, OC3D reported on industry whispers that had been heard regarding Foxconn. The short story is that Foxconn are rumoured to be moving out of the end user, branded motherboard market. Although the original story was met with disbelief by some, it seems that these whispers are being heard elsewhere too. Digitimes have published an article with the same story to tell as our original article. Foxconn are said to have told their sales team to stop taking orders on some motherboard models and to stop gathering order volume forecasts on them too. This is indicative of a company who is clearing out stock.
Foxconn have answered to these rumours on the expreview website. Eric Zhu,channel manager of Foxconn was quoted to have said that the rumours were untrue and that the reason behind stopping taking orders was for the sales dept. to adjust the existing stock for a few days. He was also keen to highlight how well Foxconn are doing with their motherboard sales.
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