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Intel Roadmap indicates multiple Havendale incoming Q3′09 Intel roadmap
Previously we reported that Intel plans to release Bloomfield for their high-end before the end of 2008, and that Lynnfield can be expected sometime later in 2009. However Expreview has managed to get their hands on an updated Intel roadmap that clarifies Intel's releases well into 2009.
According to the roadmap the first half of 2009 will be relatively quiet until Lynnfield and Havendale roll out in Q3. Lynnfield, is reportedly going to be Intel's midrange chip with a focus on performance and effectively takes over Wolfdale. Havendale will be dual-core and will cover the value to midrange market. Interestingly, Havendale features the integrated graphics and memory controller. Could this mean that we may be seeing a CPU+IGP chip soon?  I have included a slide illustrating Lynnfield and Havondale's key features below:
Ibex Peak
It looks to be a very decent lineup from Intel, but I can't help wondering how AMD are going to fair in light of Nehalem
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