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Vadim Computer - RagnorokV-Solutions LTD has ceased trading

Earlier on today, and much to the dismay of a lot of enthusiats, it was announced that as from 07/07/08 V-Solutions LTD,  has ceased trading.
On the Vadim Computers homepage there is a link to this article which gives us a very truthful summary of how the situation surrounding their voluntary liquidation unfolded.
I wont quote the whole thing as it's quite long but here are the first paragraphs from the article posted by Vadim Chobanu which are straight to the point.
It is with great regret that I must inform you that V-Solutions LTD, the official company behind Vadim Computers, as from today, 07/07/08 has gone into voluntary liquidation.
One of the reasons for this sudden action is the credit crunch that unfortunately hit the electronics and PC hardware industry hard. Below is a more in depth explanation of how it all happened.

I'll try to give you a brief summary starting with the fact that for the past year Vadim had been working on an exclusive case design to launch this summer and expand their activities into the US and Euopean market and had everything finalized apart from the money.
They went to the bank with their proposal, however the bank rejected their buisness plan so they sought out equity investment and began negotiations with a city based capital investment company who at first were very enthusiastic, even to the point of offering more money than Vadim had originally asked.  With that potential extra money they planned to expand in other areas and all was looking good until, at the last minute, the venture company cancelled the agreement due to their lack of knowledge in the Boutique PC market.
Business had been slow in the four previous months and the balance sheet became negative.  Should they have sought further investment and it not gone to plan, they would have been in an even worse state than before so an extraordinary shareholders meeting was held today (07/07/08) where it was decided that V-Solutions LTD would cease trading and go into voluntary liquidation, as continuing to trade would have been against legislation.

Also mentioned at the bottom of the article is that the Blastflow brand of waterblocks will not be affected by the liquidation of V-Solutions LTD.  They are currently negotiating teaming up with another experienced cooling solutions manufacturer that will potentially result in higher quality, higher availability, improved infrastructure and lower prices of the modular waterblocks. 
Vadim Chobanu will still be involved in the design consulting and promotion of future products so there is no need to worry should you have a Blastflow Siberian Modular Waterblock (as reviewed by Overclock3D) and are worried about future release of cooling plates. Production of the range will continue and a wide selection are in plentiful supply at Aqua PCs.
Let us know your feelings on the liquidation of Vadim Computers in our forum.