Valve Introduce Dynamic Pricing To CS:Source Page: 1

Well, normally we wouldn't think that a CounterStrike update would be important enough to make the front page, but I think today is an exception.

Today, Valve have announced that as from October 11th, Counterstrike:Source will use a dynamic pricing system to decide the prices of the in game items. Prices will be decided like a stock market system, with more popular guns from the previous week being priced higher than less popular ones.

The proposed prices can be viewed Here

Details of the new algorithm can be viewed Here

This announcement, has caused an uproar in the CS:S community. It is widely believed that this system will destroy competitive play, and many players are hailing this as "the worst thing Valve has done yet".

At the moment, it seems the only thing we can do is sign one of the petitions that is circulating. This one, managed near 3000 signatures after 6 hours, and members of the OC3D clan have already signed.

We encourage all CS:Source players against this change to sign, and hopefully we can make a difference.

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