Valve Slowly Unveils TF2 Scout Update Page: 1
Valve Slowly Unveils TF2 Scout Update

So far, three classes from Valve's Team Fortress 2 have gotten the achievement/update treatment: the Heavy, the Medic, and the Pyro.  Well now it's the Scout's turn.  Each day, starting from this past Wednesday, Valve is revealing one aspect of the content contained within this update.
Up first was the ball-smacking Sandman.  This new bat allows the Scout to send stunning baseballs flying towards their opponents.  Unfortunately, this bad boy is so heavy, you can't double jump while it's in your hands.

Next day revealed a pair of maps.  One is in the Arena style bearing the name Watchtower.  Featuring a wide, open area, there's little doubt this map is very sniper friendly and should also play into the Scout's speed.  The other was a capture point map similar to Gravel-Pit called Junction.

Third day gave light to the "Bonk" Energy Drink.  Drinking this gives the Scout a serious boost to his already impressive speed for a short period of time.  Of course, it has the usual lethargic after effect inherent from all energy drinks..  Also revealed was the wide array of unlockable achievements.  Collect all 35!

To get the full details of the Scout update, check out the official page everyday.

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