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Valve Steams Forward With TF2 Updates

Earlier this week, Valve team member posted an entry on the official TF2 blog giving an update on what's coming up for the game's new content.  The main news here is that the next class update will be for the Sniper.  Cherlin comments that this looks to be the largest game update seen yet.  Not only will we be seeing the usual Sniper-based unlockables and achievements, but a wide array of new maps and gameplay changes.  Now before this, another smaller update is expected to go live with new content affecting all of the game's classes.

Cherlin also took the opportunity to give a brief progress report on the content update for the Xbox 360 version.  Work is still being done, with the main obstacle here being space issues.  It seems that the original version contained in the Orange Box was already stretching the console's memory to its limits.  Obviously all of the additional content that has been since added in the PC version goes well beyond.  Thus, most of the team's time is being spent figuring out tweaks to free up some more space.  In the meantime, a code update will soon be going out that targets recent server cheating.

Unfortunately, no hints at what we may see nor when we will see it were given at this time.

Looking forward to seeing what's coming next for Team Fortress 2?

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