Verbatim Takes ExpressCard 34 SSD Speed Leadership Page: 1
Verbatim Takes ExpressCard 34 SSD Speed Leadership
The new ExpressCard 34 series SSDs from Verbatim are ultra-fastVerbatim has started shipping its superfast ExpressCard 34 SSDs, which it first showcased at CeBIT Hannover this year. The company claims all three cards in its ExpressCard 34 series beat competition all ends up when it comes to read and write speeds.
Currently available ExpressCard 34 storage devices come with maximum read and write speeds of 30MB/s and 10MB/s respectively. The new range from Verbatim boasts of read and write speeds of 120MB/s and 30MB/s, which makes them at least three times faster than anything available in the market at present.
The manufacturer is giving three capacity options of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, with prices ranging from €60 for the 16GB version to €105 for the 32GB and €195 for the top range model. For users with ExpressCard slots in their systems, the speeds and the prices of the cards make them highly attractive options.
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