Version 3.5B of the Nvidia BIOS Editor (NiBiTor) is available Page: 1

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NVIDIA BIOS Editor (NiBiTor) v3.5b has been unleased

This is a Utility which brings a whole new level of control to Nvidia Overclockers.

By allowing tinkering with the BIOS this empowers the majority of Nv users to tweak potenitally hardware destroying settings on their cards -- so please proceed with causion, but also a healthy lust for the next performance level :)

Main features

* Detailed BIOS information output
o Device ID
o BIOS Version
o BIOS Date
o Vendor
o Core/Memory Clock display
+ 2D Core/Memory Clock
+ 3D Core/Memory Clock
+ Throttling Core/Memory Clock
o Core Voltage display
+ 2D Voltage
+ 3D Voltage
+ Throttling Voltage
o Memory Timings display
o Product Identification
* Ability to modify the several BIOS Parameters
o Core Clock defined within the BIOS
o Memory Clock defined within the BIOS
o Core Voltage defined within the BIOS
o Memory Timings defined within the BIOS
o Temperature Settings defined within the BIOS
o Fan Speed Settings defined within the BIOS
* Specific Boot Settings
o Graphics Card OEM and Advanced Signon Message
o Monitor Specific Parameters
o Graphics Card Initiation Settings
o TV Mode Selection (NTSC/PAL)
* Ability to check BIOS Integrity
o BIOS Checksum Checking
o BIOS Structure Checking

Changes in this Version

* Added support for PCI Express 1.x Compatibility
o GeForce 8800 GT (Gen1) PCI-E Mode