Video Games make sale history in 2007 - but is it a good thing? Page: 1
Video Games make record sales, gaming suffers?
2007 seems to have been the year of the gamer. With sales topping £1.52billion and some games (Microsoft and Bungie's Halo 3), taking £84million in the first 24 hours, there hasn't been a better year for developers to make a lot of money.
The question on my mind though, are we selling out by buying the big franchise games?
halo 3
I mean let's look at the example given: Halo 3. I'm about to have a lot of fanboys arguing with me now when I say: it's simply not good enough to be billed as one of the best games ever. Sure the multiplayer is decent but in all honesty the buck stops there. Single player was utterly disappointing and it's just more of the same which is hugely sad from such a talented developer as Bungie.
assasins creed
Now let's pick up on Assassins Creed, one of the titles that promised so much in 2007. It is a "good" game...but not a "great" game. Some promise was shown in the actual assassinations, but there was mind-numbing boring gameplay stuck in the middle of these missions that made it very hard to play. I think Zero Punctuation's Yahtzee summed it up best.
I'm going to save my views on gaming for the moment and spare you my rants now, but the question I'm trying to pose to you is this: do we as consumers want to see watered down sequels and rushed out games in 2008? Do we really want Metal Gear Solid v105 and Gran Turismo 33.3? Hell I'm sure some of us do...but why can't we have more innovative games?
Because if not, I suggest we make sure that we look, listen and look again before buying a game that sells out to the hype.
Spore looks fresh and new, but will you vote with your wallets?
There are a few games that really got our forum members going this year and a lot of good titles. We'll be showing you just which game our members tipped as the best in 2007 soon.
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