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Videos of all the latest hardware and gadgets straight from the manufacturers at is a WebTV portal featuring videos of the latest new products and innovations in the world of technology, showing everything from motherboards and cases, to gadgets and even the latest in LED technology . What makes the site unique is that all of the videos shown are directly from the product manufacturers themselves, which gives them a lot more credibility and also means that they’ll usually appear here before you see them anywhere else.
Some of my favourite videos from the site include:
'The PC-P50R is a red colour AMD branded variant of the PC-P50 Mid-tower gaming chassis. Today we are introducing this extremely attractive looking case with the help of, who was lucky enough to have one of these chassis in their studio.’
Believe it or not, I didn’t recognize Lian-Li’s excellent PC-P50R AMD branded case until I spoke to Tom Logan, our resident case guru about it, he said it’s not that new, and then I looked at the date on the video and realized that it was shot in May. Still, all I can say about the case is I want one and I don’t even own an AMD rig! The level of attention to detail throughout the case is stunning, and FirstZoom’s Amanda Roveda does an excellent job of talking through the case’s features.
‘Gigabyte recently invited a group of overclockers to their HQ in Taipei. The OC experts were from South Africa, Australia and Singapore. The event results helped fashion the GA-E58 series of motherboards.’
This video is just so cool, it was filmed at Gigabytes headquarters, and it looks like they turned a conference room into BenchFest ’09, having flown in top overclockers from around the world to help tweak their extreme X58 motherboards. It’s great to see a manufacturer going to this much effort for the enthusiast community. There are plenty of gratuitous LN2 shots, with the entire table ending up covered in a mist of nitrogen vapour. It was nice to see Gigabyte looking after the overclockers too, having brought in a huge box of Subway sandwiches!
‘Apacer, A-Data, Arctic Cooling and Patriot Boothbabes - Up close and personal in HD resolution.’
Well what do a lot of us geeks like even better than seeing all the latest new toys? Seeing all the latest new toys shown off by scantily clad attractive young ladies, of course! This video shows off some of the girls at Computex 2009, I’ve got to say that A-Data put on one hell of a show, loving it!
If you’re at all interested in the latest gadgets and hardware you owe it to yourself to check out There are just so many videos on there from so many manufacturers, including big names like Lian-Li, Gigabyte, Silverstone and DFI all showing off their latest toys.
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