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Virgin Media Make History, again!
Almost instantly after Ofcom produced their report which showed Virgin media gave the highest average speeds in the UK, they have announced they are launching their own laptop, dropping prices and trialing higher broadband speeds!
They say they have been upgraing their network for the last 18 months, almost tripling their network capacity and are now able to deliver up to 50Mb to over 12 million homes. To celebrate this, they will roll out a new pricing structuve for the 50Mb service from the 1st of September, this will see the price drop to £28 with a phone line or £38 without, to both new and existing customers. This works out to be around 20% cheaper per month and with the new DOCSIS 3.0 network it will provide higher speeds more often.
Jon James, executive director of broadband at Virgin Media said “As the first company to bring broadband to the UK ten years ago, the completion of our next-generation network marks another pioneering moment for internet access in the UK. We are delighted with the performance and reliability of our 50Mb service, and with the customer feedback. Now the roll-out is days from being complete, we’re ready to take 50Mb to the next stage of development and reinforce our leading position in the broadband market.”
To go with this 50Mb service price drop, Virgin have also told us that they will release a "freedom" netbook that will be optimised for 50Mb speeds and will be bundled with top of the line software. They bespoke netbook will be availabile in black and Virgin red, to both new and existing customers free with selected bundles.
Finally, Virgin are also trialing download speeds of up to 200Mb in Kent, and up to 10Mb upload speeds, which is yet another promising step in the world of broadband!
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