VisionTek To Sell Killer Xeno Network Cards Page: 1
Killer Xeno, again.
VisionTek Killer Xeno PRO NICAt the beginning of the year, BigFoot networks announced their second gaming network card. It was sold in gaming computers from big vendors and also from EVGA. Now it's VisionTek's turn to market the Xeno Pro NIC in North America, Europe and Asia. VistionTek are well known for their ATI graphics cards, but this partnership will push them into a wider market.
The Xeno Pro is designed to take gaming to the next level with performance designed to enhance the online multiplayer experience. This new hardware caters to the growing online PC gaming audience and includes custom bandwidth controls to tailor the game play experience to the user's needs. "I would say that this card is outstanding and is worth every penny!" commented Raz, Team Dignitas Call of Duty 4 player and Call of Duty Player of the Year, 2009. "Never have I seen a piece of hardware like this."
The card is based on a short PCB and runs on a PCI express x1 interface, allowing the CPU to focus on games and not networking whilst also lowering ping and improving speeds. The Xeno Pro also offloads voice communications from the CPU, processing them itself for a further boost.
This could see the Killer network interface cards become more popular, or atleast more widely available.
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