Vista 5365 "Final beta 1" Screen shots Page: 1
I got my hands on the newest beta of Vista, 5365, which they call "Final beta 1"

There are somethings you should note (Fram the MS FAQ):

Desktop and Shell UI
Q: What are the requirements for Aero Glass?
A: The minimum requirements for a graphics card to be Aero Glass compatible are:
1. 64 mb of VRAM
2. DirectX 9 Support with Pixel Shader 2 support
3. AGP 4x or better

Also, keep in mind that Vista itself requires that your card support 1024x768x32 as a minimum. Detailed information concerning the graphics in Vista/Longhorn can be found at the Graphics Hardware and Driver Support website.

Here are the regular requirements:

Q: What are the system requirements for Vista?
A: From the Windows Vista Capable PC Hardware Guidelines:
Modern CPU
512 MB of system RAM
DirectX 9 capable graphics card

Modern CPU? What is that?

vista screenshot

vista screenshot 2

newest vista screen shot

vista screenshot

vista srceenshot

vista screenshot

vista screenshot

vista screenshot

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