Vista Beta 2 Available to Public Page: 1

Windows Vista is now officially available to the public as part of the "Customer Preview Program". Microsofts new operating system, set to be fully released in 2007 has been available as a beta to businesses for a short time, and now the general public are free to try.

The Beta available has a key which is valid until 1st June 2007, so it is certainly faesible for some to run this version of Vista as a main OS if it seems stable enough.

Naturally the Microsoft servers are overwhelmed with traffic at the moment, and they were forced to stop any more downloads yesterday, however as of today the service seems to be back up and running, with usual high download speeds from Microsoft.

The total file size is a little over 3GB, so for most average broadband users, the download will take a while. The download is an ISO file, which needs to be burnt to DVD, so those without burners, think about ordering a CD from Microsoft, which is also possible.

Lastly you will need a Windows 'Live' Account in order to download Vista. If you are not clear, this is much like a .NET passport account, and is required to use the latest version of MSN Messenger.

For those interested, here is the link to Microsofts Customer Preview Program

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