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VTX Announce New X Series Cards

VTX have announced their new AMD Card series, which come in both 7970 and 7950 flavours, being X series cards, these come with all the goodies we have come to expect from factory overclocked cards. Both come with 3GB of GDDR5 with a 384 bit memory interface, The 7970 is clocked at 1050MHz, with 1425MHz of memory bandwidth, and the 7950 at 880 core speed, with 1250MHz of memory bandwidth.

They both come with two 92mm fans, and a heatpipe based cooling system to allow for overclocking headroom while keeping noise down. Both come with AMD Powerplay, which clocks the GPU and memory in accordance with GPU load, to keep temps and power consumption down when not heavily loaded.

The specifications of these cards hardly make for dry reading

Specifications in full:

Core Speed1050MHz880MHz
Memory Speed1425MHz (5.7Gbps)1250MHz (5.0Gbps)
Memory3Gb GDDR53Gb GDDR5
Memory Bandwidth384 Bit384 Bit
OutputDL DVI-I / HDMI / Mini Displayport (x2)DL DVI-I / HDMI / Mini Displayport (x2)



Judging by how well the reference card performed, we have high hopes that these will make some already great card's better.

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