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Multi Touch Bamboo
Wacom Bamboo Tablet with multi touch technologyWacom are famous for their top quality graphics tablets. They have just got even better, with one new feature. The Taiwanese manufacturer decided to add in multi-touch functionality to their bamboo tablets, fully supporting Windows 7 and Mac OSX. All three pads allow the users to interact with their desktops in a way similar to that of notebook trackpads and touch screen devices, like the iPhone. Scroll, zoom and rotate are just a few of the functions that can be utilised through simple gestures.
Available in numerous sizes and functions, there are pads that are touch only, and ones with wireless pens. The Bamboo Touch, priced at £59.99 is the smallest option, whilst the Bamboo includes a wireless pen for £74.99 and the Bamboo Fun boasts a wireless pen, larger surface area and a copy of Corel's Essentials 4, Nik Color Efex Pro 3.0 WE3 and Photoshop Elements 7, for a sum of £169.99.
For those of you with no interest in multi touch functions, then Wacom say £49.99 Bamboo Pen, tablet is coming soon too.
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