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A couple more articles have come to my attention with some interesting little pieces of information.
Firstly, High-Def Digest are saying that allegedly Toshiba will be letting HD DVD go. As the main driving force behind HD DVD it looks certain that the nails are going in the coffin of the least popular HD format.
blu ray
Though Toshiba denies that any such decision has been made, the just-published article in The Reporter points to "substantial" losses from each HD DVD player sold and a series of high-profile defections as key motivators for the company, with one unnamed source close to the HD DVD camp telling the Reporter that "an announcement is coming soon... it could be a matter of weeks."
Secondly and equally damming, is that a Wal-Mart buyer has gone on record in her blog saying:
Enough about my family and on to the Wal-Mart plans… by June Wal-Mart will only be carrying BluRay movies and hardware machines, and of course standard def movies, DVD players, and up convert players. Not sure of the short term pricing plans, but history tells us that as more people move to a new technology prices typically go down.

So… if you bought the HD player like me, I'd retire it to the bedroom, kid’s playroom, or give it to your parents to play their John Wayne standard def movies, and make space for a BD player for your awesome Hi Def experience. I am probably going to surprise my husband with BluRay player for Father’s Day, so please don’t tell him!
Wall-Mart have backed this up with a press-release here
Wal-Mart will continue to sell through remaining HD DVD product, but in less than 30 days customers will see a more predominant move toward Blu-ray in stores, clubs and online. As the nation’s largest retailer, Wal-Mart thoughtfully reviewed all areas and impact in making its decision, and is excited to move forward with one format and share its future plans with customers.
That's a big OUCH for HD DVD.
It is now looking certain that HD DVD is going the way of the Dodo....so don't go buying a new HD DVD player will you?
Upset about HD DVD or jubilent we've got what looks to be a winner? Give us some HD clarity here