Warner Bros. Working on FEAR 3 Page: 1

Warner Bros. Interactive today confirmed its plans of coming out with a sequel to Monolith’s scary slow-motion shooter, F.E.A.R. The third edition of the game will reportedly carry forward the saga of Alma, the evil lady psychic from the first two editions of the game.

The first edition of F.E.A.R., which is derived from ‘First Encounter Assault and Recon’, hit the gaming circuits in 2005. The game received mixed reviews but still went into a second edition. Now Warner Bros. have taken a liking for the game and are getting ready to release a third version of the series.

Warner Bros. have officially christened the game title “F3AR”, though their logic behind it is hard to understand. Images published by a Spanish game magazine show Alma to be pregnant and accompanied by two new characters. One of them looks like a corpse brought back to life while the other is an angry man with a mullet.

Except for these images, there are no details out on the game yet, but gamers can look forward to many dark corridors, gory characters that are both dead and un-dead, and really slow moving gun fights. After all, that’s the trademark of the game series from its earlier editions.

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