Waterblocks for 9800GX2 & 9800GTX are in the pipeline Page: 1

GX2 water-block
Aqua Computers, Blastflow & Asetek set to release 98-GX2 & GTX water-blocks
With the recent release of Nvidia's two latest graphics cards, the 9800GX2 and 9800GTX, we've got info on some  water-blocks that are soon to be released by Aqua Computers, Blastflow and Asetek to keep them nice and chilly.
Aqua Computers will be releasing a water-block for the GX2 made from 2 pure copper (99.9%) plates, that are extremely thin, weighing under a total 800g.  The two plates cool both GPUs, RAM, MOSFETs and the bridge chip and are connected via a terminal made of Delrin.  This water-block will cost €129.99 and if you happen to have bottomless pockets then you can buy a GX2 with this pre fitted for the small sum of €619.90.
GX2 Modular Water-block
Next up are the Blastflow offerings.  They are releasing two cooling plates, one for the GX2 and another for the GTX.  Both are designed to be used with the Blastflow Siberian modular water-block which we previously reviewed here.  While the 9800 GTX plate is going to sell for £26.84, the GX2 is priced slightly higher at £70.49.
Asetek GX2 water-block
Last but certainly by no means least are Asetek who are also releasing a block for the 9800GX2.  They have taken a different route and are implementing a hybrid cooling solution.  The hybrid solution cools the core using a water-block with the rest of the card being cooled by a fan.  Reportedly water cooling will lower the temperature of the GPU by up to 25°C compared to the stock fan cooler.  The fan is said to run at approximately 22dBA.  This solution is going to OEMs with the price currently unknown.
Have you just bought yourself a sparkly new GX2 or GTX and are looking for a watercooling solution for your card?  Would any of these three very different approaches tickle your fancy?
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