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Watercooled X38 board from MSI

Tier 1 motherboard manufacturer Microstar Internnational (MSI) looks set to follow ASUS' lead of including a water-cooled NB solution on their X38 based motherboard. However, MSI looks to take it further by including not only the NB, but the SB and MOSFET's around the CPU area.

The motherboard looks exactly like the MSI X38 Diamond that you have no doubt seen images of on the net by now. According to the source article the motherboard is called the HydroGenX38, and will only support DDR3 due to performance issues MSI have had with DDR2.

Looking closely at the chipset and MOSFET cooling solution that MSI has decided to run with, one is left wondering just how efficient it really is. Not only does the hotter running X38 NB receive the smaller of the two chipset coolers, but it appears that the coolant from your loop is expected to pass through the copper heatpipe with a diameter in the vicinity of 1/4". If that wasn't enough, then let's include some nice bends to reduce your flow even further. Now let's all spell out loud...'mass restriction'!

It will be interesting to see how the cooling solution copes if used passively, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. The rumoured price looks to be a killer too...

...the board is apparently meant to be out before the end of the month and it should cost around AU$595 which seems quite steep considering that all MSI has done is to add a watercooling setup to an existing board.

MSI HydroGen X38

If you want to know more, German site Hardwareluxx has the details but you'd better "Sprechen Sie Deutsch"

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