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Over at CES 2008 WayTronX are showing off their new CPU and GPU coolers. These are all in one sealed units, requiring one molex connector for power. According to WayTronX the CPU cooler can dissipate 400w of heat, sadly there is no information about the GPU cooler on the site. You can find out more about the technology behind this product here and you can check the How It Works too.

The WayCool CPU Cooler

waytonx cpu cooler

cooler base

I know what you are thinking, 'Isn't that the OCZ HydroCool?' The answer is yes and no! An OCZ rep was keen to point out the product does not have any OCZ branding but did not deny the design is the same... Below is another image showing off the WayCool cooling a CPU and what appears to be two 8800GT's in SLi. There is no data on temperatures.


 GPU Cooler

gpu cooler front

GPU cooler rear 

cooler branding

As stated I have no technical information about the GPU cooler, other than it appears to be a sealed unit that takes up 4/5 slots!

Pretty cool looking products, would you use them or afraid your motherboard or graphics card might snap!? Comment here