WD's new Caviar Green Hard Drive released Page: 1

WD Caviar Green SATA II Drive'Green' Storage for your PC, but at a cost.

Western Digital have released their new hard drive, called the 'Caviar Green', and available with either a 16MB or a 32MB cache. Both versions have a 1TB capacity. WD are aiming the hard drives at 'energy conscious' customers, who want to 'build systems with higher capacities and the right balance of system performance, ensured reliability, and energy conservation'.  So why are the drives a greener alternative to other hard drives you may ask? Well according to WD, they have reduced the power consumption of the Caviar Green by up to 40% when compared with a standard desktop drive.They say they have acheived this by using a combination of WD's IntelliSeek™, NoTouch™, and IntelliPower™ technologies.

But as with all deals in life, there is always a trade off. With the Caviar Green, performance takes a cut in favour of the green credentials. with a spindle spin speed of just 5,400 RPM. Price is also an issue, as the hard drives have a RRP of USD $219, which makes them more expensive than some faster performing drives of equal capacity. So if you are willing to lose a little performance and pay a little more for the energy conservation, then these drives may just interest you.

You can view the Caviar Green product page on the Western Digital website. You can also discuss in our forums .