WiFi 802.11n Finally Ratified Page: 1
802.11n ratified, finally.
WiFi 802.11n Ratified, no longer draftIt will come as no surprise to some that the 802.11n standard of WiFi has finally been ratified by the IEEE's standards board. Some 7 years after the initial work started on the succesor the 802.11a, b and g in 2002, although 802.11n devices have been around for the past few years, using a draft version of the specifcation. This meant that products would not become obsolete once the specification was finally approved, and this remains the case, the IEEE say that all devices that support WiFi 802.11n Draft will support the latest version too.
Chair of the IEEE Wireless LAN Working Group, Bruce Kraemer, said "This was an extraordinarily wide-ranging technical challenge that required the sustained effort and concentration of a terrific variety of participants. When we started in 2002, many of the technologies addressed in 802.11n were university research topics and had not been implemented. The performance improvements achieved via IEEE 802.11n stand to transform the WLAN user experience, and ratification of the amendment sets the stage for a new wave of application innovation and creation of new market opportunities."
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