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Windows 7 Features Leaked Before PDC Conference
As we all know Microsoft are already hard at work with their up and coming Operating System dubbed Windows 7. Windows Vista was not quite as popular as Microsoft first hoped and to this day you can still buy a new computer with Windows XP installed on it. Windows 7 is designed to bring the population away from Windows XP and up-to-date with the latest software. Windows 7 has been confirmed as the final name of the new OS according to a DailyTech article posted on October 14th. Microsoft have also announced that the new OS will be shown as a pre-beta at the Professional Developers Conference.
But ahead of the PDC early features of the OS have been leaked onto the Internet, according to ZDNet the pre-beta version will include Action Center, StreamOn, a new animation framework, new taskbar and shell, multi-touch and gesture recognition, DeviceStage, ribbons and improved Bluetooth support.
Action Center - This is said to be a self-diagnosis tool which fixes issues Windows 7 may have. Hopefully it won't just recommend to install new drivers like older versions of Windows and instead actually fix the issues. You can but wish. 
StreamOn - StreamOn has something to do with the control of multimedia content on the PC. How it works is unknown at this point in time.
Multi-touch and gesture recognition - Pretty self-explanatory.
Animation Framework - We only know the name of this feature but can speculate to what it is. Maybe some sort of animation creator for the more creative among us? 
DeviceStage - This has been reported to be a glorified version of Plug and Play only Device Stage Enabled devices will work with this.
Ribbon Interface - This was seen in leaks from September of the M3 build of Windows 7.1 the Ribbon interface has been popular in the latest versions of Microsoft Office.
All in all Microsoft have said they are on target for a release in 2009.
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