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Windows XP to receive extended support until 2014 Windows XP support chart
Unfortunately, when Microsoft released Windows Vista it wasn't the successful roll-out that they had perhaps wanted. While many consumers stayed away from the new operating system; many businesses still aren’t rushing to buy Vista even after the release of SP1.
As a result it may come as no surprise that Redmond has decided to do a complete backflip, and provide extended support for Windows XP until 2014. That's a full 13 years after its original release! Although, Microsoft will not be selling the operating system after 30th June 2008.
The news of the extended support for Windows XP was made public in a letter from Microsoft Senior VP Bill Veghte:
Our ongoing support for Windows XP is the result of our recognition that people keep their Windows-based PCs for many years.
Veghte hinted that Vista's successor, Windows 7 is still looking good for a January 2010 release, but whether it happens or not remains to be seen. Windows 7 is known to be built on the same core that Vista was, and it will be interesting to see how well the operating system is received upon its release.
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So who's a happy Vegemite that XP is now receiving extended support from Redmond?
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