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Massive Data Theft to net Billions

Best Western hit by Data TheftAccording to a report by The Sunday Herald, a Scottish newspaper, the Best Western chain of hotels has been targetted by a criminal gang, who have stolen data on every guest within the last 12 months. It is estimated that aound 8 million peoples identities have been compromised in this alarming crime. Experts have predicted that the gang responsible could net £2.8billion by using the stolen data. 

An unknown Indian hacker is said to be responsible, and he is reported to have sold details on how to breach the hotel chains IT security system to the Russian Mafia. The system affected was the online booking system, and the theft has netted every online booking since 2007, with every detail used by customers, including home addresses, telephone numbers, credit card details and place of employment. 

Best Western replied to the Heralds report, confirming that a breach of security had occured, but were strongly denying that it was as serious and called the report 'sensational'. The Best Western is an international chain of hotels, with over 4000 hotels spread across 80 countries, so if the report is accurate, the fallout will be very widespread.

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