X58 reference board might SLI Page: 1
X58 reference board might SLI
Nvidia made a very important and interesting announcement last night explaining plans to open up SLI to it's ODM and OEM customers. In the same announcement Nvidia insists that the nForce 200 chipset and X58 boards based on the chip will not become obsolete.
This announcement shows that there is a good chance motherboard manufacturers will be able to use a software key to enable SLI rather than having to embed the nForce chip in their motherboards. The software key won't be free as Nvidia can see a profit from selling it. Nvidia see Intel as an ODM which means if Intel pays up then the x58 motherboards can have SLI support.
Nvidia has yet to reveal how much this software key will cost but it has assured us that SLI x58 boards will be available for when Bloomfield appears.
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