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Xbox to get an integrated HD DVD drive?

According to privvy insiders at Toshiba, Microsoft may be currently working on a revamped version of the XBOX 360. It has been rumoured that the new XBOX 360 will feature a new HD DVD drive, a larger HDD and new entertainment software that will replace its current media centre version.

The move by Microsoft is allegedly in response to driving sales of games and Blu-ray adoption by Sony's PS3 console. According to market research initiated by Sony many consumers are opting for the PS3 over the XBOX 360, simply because of the Blu-ray player inclusion.

Additional reasons for the release of a new console could be the poor sales performance of Microsoft's recently launched Xbox 360 HD DVD attach player, and the failure by Microsoft to include an HDMI port. The omission in itself is quite ironic because, the HDMI port was originally scrapped to ensure that the XBOX 360 could compete effectively with the PS3 at release.

Will consumers accept the new console or will it force a move to the PS3 by loyal fans?

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