XFX introduces the GeForce 8800 GT - 512 MB Graphics Card Page: 1

Official Press Release

The 8800 GT (available in standard, XT and XXX Editions) features award-winning colour clarity with true high-definition video and smooth, stutter-free playback. Output straight to your TV, or go with a multi-monitor experience, this card plays both ways. In addition, it is the first XFX graphics card to support PCI Express 2.0 architecture in a single slot solution.

Featuring 112 stream processors dedicated to graphics, this increases the new 8800 series' overall system performance for every activity, with worry-free compatibility...With DirectX® 10 GPUs, these cards feature NVIDIA® unified architecture with GigaThreadTM technology, delivering unprecedented levels of graphics realism and PC graphics performance that is faster than previous generations. Expect true-to-life 3D characters and environments.

The 8800 GT graphics card is HDTV-, SLI-, HDCP- and RoHS-ready. Dual Dual-Link DVI enables it to drive the industry's largest and highest resolution flat panel displays, supporting digital output of up to 2560X1600 on not one-but two-displays.

Geforce 8800GT 512MB

Another Geforce 8800GT Release the future of the 8800s is a sweet one. Discuss on our forum.