XFX launch single slot HD 5770 Page: 1

Today marks the day XFX launch their single slot HD 5770, a great product for any looking to build a HTPC or someone who needs the expansion slot between two PCI-E ports. It's not just practical for that though, all round it seems to look like a very strong card. We really liked the sound (no pun intended) of the fact this card is up to 23.5dB quieter and XFX have also said it runs cooler that the dual slot cooler.

XFX were also marketing it's IP-5X dust protection system which they claim keeps dust levels down to a minimum.

To our disappointment XFX continued their trend of only using a single CrossfireX bridge port, meaning only two cards may be in crossfire mode at any one time.

We also noticed XFX have launched two versions of the card. One sports two DVI ports and a mini display port connector while the other sports five mini display port.

So this new HD 5770 is thinner, quieter and cooler which easily makes it one of the best HD 5770 options to date.

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