XFX Release Their Nvidia 7950 GX2 Page: 1

It seems that new graphics cards are hitting the market every other week, today sees the UK launch of nVidia 7950's, with XFX leading the pack.

The 7950 GX2, features 2 7900 GT processors, on seperate PCB's, but only using one PCI-Express slot. This also means that they can be SLI'd with another 7950 GX2, to run in Quad-SLI.

These cards feature a 512 bit memory interface, and have 1Gb of DDR3 memory. There is serious speed available with the new offering from nVidia.

As from today these are available in retailers across the UK, with scan.co.uk offering 3 of the XFX cards, and also one each from Gainward, Leadtek and ASUS.

The 3 variants from XFX are the standard reference settings, with the memory at 1200MHz and the GPU at 500MHz, and Extreme and XXX models, with speeds of 1300/520 and 1550/570 respectively.

Check out the scan.co.uk offerings Here and the Overclockers UK offerings Here

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